Kitchen Aids to Protect and Assist the Elderly

With age comes a series of ailments and disorders, ranging from back pain, joint stiffness, impaired vision and hearing to decreased grip and mobility. A combined effect of two or more of these factors can severely ruin the ability of the elderly to be independent in the kitchen.
Need of Cooking Aids for The Elderly:
Most of the times, for fear of bodily injury or damage to cooking utensils and appliances, the aged population are prevented from entering kitchen premises.
However, for certain senior citizens, it is not possible to employ or assign a person to do their cooking. Does it mean that they must order ready-made food every time or starve to death? No.
For this very reason, cooking aids and appliances for elderly individuals are available. These devices reduce their workload, make menial jobs effortless and speed up the cooking process.
Parameters of Cooking Aids for The Elderly:
Not all appliances can pass off as safe for the aged population. There are a few criteria set that companies have to follow to label their products elderly-safe.

These parameters include:
• Minimal weight and strength requirement: Since golden agers have limited grip strength, the lightweight nature of the appliances is the chief criteria. Also, the elderly cannot exert a lot of muscle power as their strength deteriorates with age. Therefore, the cooking devices must be easy to grip and carry.
• Easy use and application: Most grey-haired people are not very tech-savvy. Thus, it is essential to develop cooking appliances that are easy to operate. Companies that create these machines must ensure that their customers understand how to use their products.
• Cost-effective: Aged people tend to be traditional and conservative and want to opt for conventional cooking methods. Several of them do not want to buy expensive appliances even though it may help them significantly. Hence, to attract them, the devices must be cost-effective.
Examples of Cooking Aids for The Elderly:
A few appliances for elderly cooking with limited hand strength in the kitchen include:
• Reaching Stick: This tool is perfect for aged people who cannot get items on high shelves or bend over to pick up something from the floor. It can also be used by those confined in wheelchairs or with neck or back stiffness.
• Talking Microwave Ovens: This appliance is exemplary for those with impaired vision. It speaks out loud the set parameters to confirm it and prevents mishaps and over and undercooking.
• Auto Shut-Off Stoves: Anyone, including the elderly, can forget to shut off the gas supply. This device shuts off the stoves when it detects no motion for a specific time to avert a huge mishap.
• Electric Jar Opener: It applies a complete automated process to open jar lids.
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